Completed in 960 BCE, the very first temple, called Solomon’s Temple, was built. The temple was DESIGNED to function as a religious focal point for worship. Throughout the years, places of worship continue to be built both large and small but each designed just as the very first, to facilitate a focal point for worship.

DM Mechanical believes in the importance of corporate worship. Churches and community centers, like West Cobb Church in Marietta, Ga are being built with assistance from a company intent on providing communities a comfortable place to worship. From conception, DM Mechanical met with architects, engineers, general contractors, and the leadership of the church to help design a worship center that would enable a community to come together and refresh, revitalize, and reassure each other. Because of the varied usage times of the church and the changing number of people inside the church during different functions, it was important to design a system that would nor only cool and dehumidify the building, but also be quiet and as unobtrusive as possible. DM Mechanical LISTENED TO THE NEEDS of the church and helped design an HVAC system that would meet each of the objectives.

Good design does not just happen. Years of experience, training and education are critical to the success of any design build HVAC company. Those qualities are what set DM Mechanical apart and continue to keep us WORKING DILIGENTLY to make certain that every project performs just as it was designed.

The Bible encourages us to meet together (Hebrews 10:25) and what better place to meet together than a worship center designed with comfort in mind.