When you want to grocery shop, the last thing you want is an environment that is as hot as the Amazon on aisle 11 and cold as the ice caps on aisle 9. That’s why comfort and humidity concerns were at the top of the grocery list of improvements for Trader Joe’s @ Johns Creek.

The representatives from Trader Joe’s were already familiar with DM Mechanical and the EXPERT CARE they took in correcting installation issues from other HVAC contractors at the store in Norcross. So it was a natural choice to have DM Mechanical design solutions using humidifiers and reheat methods to improve overall humidity and comfort control.

DM Mechanical continued building this relationship when it completed and entire store build-out in Buckhead last fall. The ability to make a difference is why DM Mechanical has been able to build SOLID RELATIONSHIPS throughout its 15-year history.

We continue to give Trader Joe’s exactly what they need to help preserve their grocery items. Oh, and the shoppers at Trader Joe’s notice the difference as well.